R&R and R: Rest & Relaxation, and Running!

July and August turned out to be the busiest and least busiest months of the year for Louie and me.

July was packed full of non stop travel for business, pleasure, climbing, and vacation. Somewhere along the way of building climbing gyms for other folks, Louie picked up a new friend and welder, Travis. We promised we’d come visit him and his family in Michigan, and we finally took him up on his offer.


The Boys



Tipping it on back for Dierks
Don’t trash your lake!
Riding in the Captains seat
Cooling down the best way
My love and me on the lake


Driving me around
The lake is filling back up with these flowers


On Horsehead Lake Travis’ family has a small vacation home. We spent 5 days on the water boating, swimming, drinking, water sliding, rafting, and all out having a fantastic time. We made friends with his awesome wife Becky and their two spunky daughters. It’s been a while since Louie and I had a real vacation, where we just sat around and enjoyed the company of one another and good friends. Travis was there when Louie had his accident this year in March, and I’m grateful for his swift reaction and the care he took for my husband in the ER while I rushed out to meet him. His family was so generous to share their vacation time with us, and we had an amazing 4th of July fireworks show on the lake.




           Turtles and daily volleyball games


Happy 4th of July
A spectacular 45 minute show on the lake

To keep my running game sharp, and in line with my promise to travel and race, I squeezed in a half marathon while visiting Michigan. The Duo at the Ledge Half Marathon took place in Grand Ledge. My plan was to start out slow for the first mile or two for a solid warm up, then negative split until the finish. This method, I have learned, works very well for me. I stretched well, and even did a few warm up strides. The city of Grand Ledge is very pretty, very green, and very friendly! I had a wonderful time on the course, and finished with a PR (1:48:25.4)! I couldn’t believe it, but once I started running and felt the strength I’d earned from training backing me up I knew I’d be doing well regardless. I was further shocked to find that I’d finished 2nd in my age group and 6th woman overall! It really is a mental game. After all the training, you have to believe you can!

Not the usual early start, but early enough! Rocking my Stonewear Vibe shorts!
A quick selfie on the run. I realized I only took one on account of not wanting to slow down.
My fantastic “try hard” face
The results are in…

YouTube Video!

The start and finish of the race!

After Michigan Louie took several business trips, and returned home just in time to leave with our girls to Cancun, Mexico for a family vacation. I spent a fair amount of my youth in Rosarita, Puerto Nuevo and Tiajuana with my own family vacationing. With my husband I have now been to Cabo San Lucas as well. It’s been a pleasure exploring more parts of Mexico with my Spanish speaking, blond hair, blue eyed, husband!


Lounging and can’t beat this view



Poolside with drinks and delicious new menu items like octopus.



Evening strolls, naps…
… and more pool time!
Family Photo!

We took our two girls on a variety of excursions, which included the local jewelry district, shopping, snorkeling with turtles, walking around Mayan ruins, and swimming in the famous cenotes. Most of the rest of the time was spent sitting by the pool drinking and eating. My Swedish husband and his two daughters were very dark after a week of sunshine. The humidity was very high, but we had a great time connecting and spending quality time together. One day soon our girls will graduate college, possibly move to other, distant parts of the country, and start families of their own. Money well spent this summer!



The Mayan ruins of Tulum, one of the best preserved, thrived between 13-15th century.


 Natural born climbers!
A day or snorkeling amongst sea turtles in Akumal.




The cenotes of the Yucatan are world known.


Natural sinkholes that expose groundwater, and were sometimes used in Mayan ritual.
I heard there is deep water soloing… another trips perhaps.


Sea fun, where there were too many fish to count.

August was very mellow compared to how busy July was. I believe Louie was home 5 days that month, so it was a pleasure to spend all of August at home with him. We had time to connect on our own, and re group as husband and wife. I also spent a fair amount of time running on trail and doing speed workouts (catching up after a busy month). My goal of a marathon under 4 hours still eludes me, but now that I look forward to another half marathon in September I’m more excited about that distance now than ever. Louie and I dabbled a little in rope climbing in preparation for our September  trip to the Red River Gorge, and eventually Spain in October. We also spent a day outdoors climbing at the Palm Springs Tram Way with friends and Factory climbers. Luna celebrated her one year Adoptaversary with us! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year that beautiful beast has been a part of my heart and family! Next month will be more travel, more running, and more vacationing.


Visiting SloOp Santa Maria for their grand opening


Happy One Year Adoptaversary Luna Petunia Joy Anderson!
Trail running near our family’s home. Stonewear Vibe shorts for the win every time!


Black Mountain bouldering with our Factory family. Stonewear Fuse tank top and Vibe shorts.

We are making up for a broken arm beginning of the year…

Stay Adventurous,
Valarie Tes

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