Races and Redpoints: Guest Blogging

Recently I had the opportunity to guest blog for one of my sponsors, Stonewear Designs. They asked me to write about my trip to Kentucky and the Red River Gorge for sport climbing and running my first trail half marathon race.

I took that opportunity and wrote the following short piece. On this particular adventure I succeeded in reaching my trip goals! I had a wonderful experience and was thankful for my sponsor letting me share that experience with them and their readers.

Races and Redpoints at the Red River Gorge > opens in a new window, so come on back after reading!


Head over to Stonewear to view many of the athletic and lifestyle clothing pieces I wear on my adventures and so much more!


After Toughts:
One opportunity I did miss recently prompted me to re evaluate my strengths and weaknesses as a climber (and a person). Failure and success are intimate topics for me, as it goes for many. In the vlog below I discuss what happened on my last climbing trip that will forever change how I look forward to the future and all the opportunities that lay ahead.


(video via my YouTube Channel)

Climbing offers you the chance to release your best from within and push past your boundaries to achieve astounding personal goals. What happens when you hone in on those goals but slip from the moment, and let doubt run its course allowing failure to ensue? Missed opportunities! Don’t let another big chance get blown or missed altogether!

Stay Adventurous,

~Valarie Tes

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