Brands I Love!

Beach rocks from Cayman Brac

This page will be helpful if you have not heard of one or all of the brands I love. I simply enjoy their products and want to share!


Stonewear Designs– Stonewear Designs offers advanced athletic clothing just for women. When I need performance wear I turn to Stonewear for my running, yoga, climbing, and general workout needs. My favorite two items are the Volt Capri and Vibe Short. Both offer a silky feel with breathability you can count on. Light weight and durable these items, as well as any Stonewear item, will last for a long time! That’s quality you can bank on. A variety of the tops can be worn as casual wear that will leap right into your sweaty workout with ease. Hidden pockets and a line of progressive support tops make this brand a must in your athletic wardrobe! 

Joshua Tree Skin Care– Climbing tears my hands up like none other! I could garden for a week and not create as much damage on my digits! I use their salve to heal, and their lip balm for oh so many good reasons. It heals, protects, and sparkles! 

Moving Comfort– Let’s get personal for a minute. I’m a bit on the busty side. The lower end of “are those real?”, but yes all 32D on a 5 foot even 105lbs frame is in fact natural! I used to have a lot of Bay Watch bounce, even with two sports bras on (yes, that actually used to happen, both the bounce and the bras). And then a miracle happened! I found Moving Comfort sports bras! In short, they lock down the ladies without giving you any discomfort or the smashed down affect. Brilliant, just brilliant!!!