Ten Sleep Rock Ranch

The Ten Sleep Rock Ranch has 50 acres of land, forest, water and clif. Luna and I spent the afternoon exploring the backside of the property, all that lies behind our home on the other side of the crick (that’s creek in Wyoming-ite speak).

A few shots from our exploring…


Most of the ridge behind the house all the way up to the rim is ours. All of the trees in the foreground are in the front apple orchard. The wagon wheel entry to the drive will have a Ten Sleep Rock Ranch sign soon, to welcome all campers.


This bridge crosses the creek (which is mostly frozen over at the moment) and is our only access to the back side. The base is a retired train car. The cliffs here are in front of the house, across the highway. By spring time there should be a few routes bolted on the far left side.


Just past the bridge, built into the wall of the canyon, is a natural cooler and storage room. The door has swelled and is stuck for the winter, but in fall the apples are stored here.


The first of two gates, this one leads to the back orchard.


A few abandoned farm tools: a homemade truck bed trailer and a wood wagon.


This chicken coop may or may not be salvageable. Come spring time we will find out if we can winterize it. I’d like to keep chickens year round for their eggs, starting next year.


The coop marks the beginning of the back orchard. Being removed from the activity of cars and people on the front end deer will burrow through the snow to nestle down beneath the trees.


Past the orchard and through a second gate the property opens up wide along the creek. Luna is scouting for the ever scarce squirrel and bird.


A solid romp in the snow.


Luna on the far left is almost standing on the frozen creek, which flows around the smaller boulder in the center. The irrigation control wheel is for the private pond behind the larger boulder on the right.


Far side of the private pond. It comes naturally stocked with fish, and is about twice this size under the snow.


The water out here tastes amazing and is cold year round.


Knocking down frozen apples to lure the deer into the front yard.

Valarie Tes,

Stay Adventurous

One thought on “Ten Sleep Rock Ranch

  1. Yes, Wyoming is exceptional! Made even more so by the warmth, generosity and consideration of the citizens. The Ten Sleep town and canyon are beautiful and virtually untouched by commercial development and overuse…we all have a vested interest in keeping it that way!


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