ValYou Adventure


Val, you, and the value of adventure!

I love the adventure life brings on the daily. It wasn’t always so my friends. Once upon a time I fretted when life threw me lemons, and endlessly searched the internet for “the best lemonade recipe”. Anxiety ensued and I became so overwhelmed it paralyzed me from making any sort of executive decision. Through a series of fortunate events, and me growing up a little and learning to chill the flop out, I became less consumed by the hiccups of life.

Today I am proud to say I am maybe half way to being the¬†most awesome person to adventure with (takes time, ya know!). I started saying things like, “well, it’s only a ___.” Well, it’s only a shirt (when I get paint on it). Well, it’s only a car (when Penelope the Prius got hit by a falling branch). The point being, I’ve learned to let go, a lot! The tighter I tried to control life the stronger it wiggled to break free. Yeah, I still get paint on my shirt, and make other mistakes, but sometimes I remember to change first and other times I just let it become my new favorite work shirt!

My adventures are richer because of this new outlook. I can roll with the punches and go with the flow with more ease these days. Less crises, less stress, and way more fun! Which is essentially how I got through down sizing my personal possessions, putting the left overs in a truck, and hauling them across 4 states to arrive at the greatest adventure of all… my new life in Ten Sleep, Wyoming to run a climbers campground on our 50 private acres called Ten Sleep Rock Ranch (future blog and info of course).

Getting to the point (meat and potatoes), this blog is all about the adventures of my life, which is to say what can be anyone’s life. Sometimes that’s a climbing day or trip that was epic awesome (or just epic), it might be about the latest vegetarian dish I cooked successfully, or perhaps it’s a video of me falling out of a yoga pose. Basically, real life people! Start saying yes today when a friend asks if you want to use their FREE day pass to (insert any physical activity here). Say yes to the neighbor that invites you to family dinner at their place. Say yes to the co-worker who has an extra ticket to a concert of a band you’ve never heard of ever. And definitely say hi with a smile to anyone and everyone because kindness goes an immeasurable distance to enrich all lives.

Come along on my adventures in writing and photos, and then go out and create your own! I’d love to hear from anyone that took off in the middle of the night to drive to a magical destination even though they had work at 6am the next morning. Comments, questions, and stories are welcomed here! If you have a particular topic of adventure interest the Category Menu on the top of my page will be helpful. Or, make a suggestion for an upcoming¬†post.

(Just a couple of reasons why I moved to Wyoming!)

Thanks for stopping by, reading, following, and remember…

Stay Adventurous,

Valarie Tes